Benefits of Having A Non-Amazon E-Commerce Website

Amazon is a great channel to sell products. It’s hard to beat the potential sales volume Amazon can bring you. Besides traffic, their algorithm is optimized to make buyers buy. They have a great PPC system, automatic cross promotional tools, upsell offers and a whole collection of other useful tools at your disposal.

Whether it’s your fault or not, relying solely on Amazon can be risky knowing that losing that channel can cost you sales. This can happen if you’ve been flagged by other users, buyers or their algorithm. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s your suppliers, shady competitors or Amazon’s fault. Either way, you lose.

The sooner you have your own e-commerce website setup the sooner you can take advantage of the benefits of having an additional channel to sell on. Here are some of the benefits we’ve experienced by having an e-commerce website in addition to the Amazon store.


Whenever you meet with certain suppliers, potential retail partners or general business contacts, you can bet they will eventually want to know your domain name. They look at your website as a business card. The website is a place where they can find out what you do and what you are all about. A good looking website can can convey your professionalism in more ways than one. I personally have been turned off by specific suppliers or service provider’s horrible websites filled with misspellings and bad grammar. It makes me thing they didn’t want to invest the time or money in branding themselves well. It shows carelessness and a lack of attention to detail, both characteristics that are important to me.

Multi Channel Income

As expected, when we started selling on one of our e-commerce websites, growth was slow. Now some of these channels are developing into substantial income that is Amazon independent and is steadily growing. Why limit yourself to one channel when there’s websites like Shopify or SquareSpace that make setting up an e-commerce store easy?

Building a Customer List

When selling on your on website, you collect all emails and customer data which is something Amazon denies you of. Having this email list can help you build a loyal group of customers that have already shown interest in your products.

Conversion Tracking

You can purchase ads on Google, Facebook and other platforms and direct them to your Amazon store but tracking which ads actually brought in the sale can be difficult. Having your own website allows you to have full control when tracking where sales actually came from.

Utilizing Ad Networks For Sales and Traffic

If you want to use shopping websites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, and other websites, you will need your own website and URL. Without your own website you are missing out on sales from these popular shopping networks.

Free SEO Traffic

By having your own website with unique content, you will be able to get free traffic from SEO. Even though we’ve purchased ads from most of the popular ad networks, a bulk of our traffic and sales still originates from the content on our site and organic search traffic.


While selling on Amazon provides us with the majority of revenue, our own website is slowly growing. Once we bought ads and created well optimized pages for our products and other relevant content, it started to grow on its own. It’s our job to feed the growth. Having our website has provided us with additional sales and a portal where suppliers, business partners and retailers can get a glimpse of our business and the people involved. It has also allowed us to learn, test and take advantage of ads, sales funnel and conversion tools. If you are in this business for the long term, having your own website is something you should allocate some resources and time to.


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