Amazon FBA Label Exemption What It is and How to Get It

Anyone who private labels their own products and uses Amazon FBA to sell is aware of the labeling requirements. Specifically, Amazon FBA requires you to send in your inventory using their specific FNKSU product label. But did you know that there is a way to get an exemption from this labeling requirement for your products? There is a way and below I’ll show you why you might consider to get this exemption and how you can get it.

Who’s Eligible for the Label Exemption?

Not everyone isĀ eligible for the label exemption. The most important requirement is that your brand is registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. While you can still get the exemption even if you aren’t brand registered Amazon specifically says that you’ll need a “compelling reason” in order to be granted this exemption.

On the Amazon Labeling FAQ regarding Brand Registry it says:

If the products you sell are registered through Amazon Brand Registry you may request an exemption from labeling requirements for units for which you are the brand owner by contacting Seller Support. If you are not registered through Amazon Brand Registry, you will not be granted a labeling exemption without a compelling reason.

If you are Brand Registered or have a compelling reason to be granted the exemption then your products need to meet additional requirements. Keep in mind the exemption applies to specific product ASIN’s or SKU’s (meaning you aren’t granted a blanket exemption across all of your products)

To be eligible for a label exemption you need to meet these requirements:

  • The condition of the product must be new.
  • The item must have a UPC or EAN in a barcode form for our fulfillment centers to scan when they receive the product.
  • The UPC or EAN must be for a single ASIN. If it applies to more than one ASIN, you will need to label the product, even if it could be previously sent in as stickerless.
  • In order to prevent delays in processing your inventory, certain other products may not be eligible for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory.
  • Barcodes must be easily scannable.
  • The product must not have an expiration date.

How Much Does Label Exemption Cost?

If you look around online you might find information that says that the label exemption is an additional cost per product. However, if you contact Amazon Seller Support they’ll let you know that there is no additional cost. Below is what they told us.

There is no additional fee get a label exemption, since every unit will need to have the UPC or EAN label printed or pasted before they are sent to the warehouse.

This means getting the label exemption is free and does not cost any additional money once granted.

Why Bother to Get an Exemption from Labeling?

There are a two main reasons why you should consider getting this labeling exemption:

  • Cost Savings – If you have your supplier add additional labels over your UPC code you no longer need to pay them to do this… you can just use your regular UPC bar code
  • Standardize Labels for Multiple Sales Channels – If you decide to sell in other channels besides Amazon you can use your UPC bar code and not have to worry about separating out inventory for Amazon

Who Do I Contact to Get the Label Exemption

Contact Seller Support and send them a message that includes the following information:

  • That you are applying and asking for the labeling exemption
  • List out the specific ASIN’s for which you want the exemption
  • Let them know if you are Brand Registered or what your “compelling reason” for wanting the exemption is

That’s it. You should here back from them with a “yay” or “nay”. For anyone looking to simplify the process of of sending in inventory to Amazon and looking to expand beyond Amazon (like selling through retail channels or other online stores, like getting the labeling exemption is good idea.

Good luck!


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