About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small team that helps client source, brand, and sell products online and offline. This includes working with suppliers, registering trademarks, patents, creating and executing SEO and SEM marketing strategies and more. While helping our clients we decided to build a tool to help assist them in getting reviews for their products so HelpAProduct was born.

Why Don’t We Sell Online Ourselves?

Our company’s projects are keeping us busy. Instead of investing our company’s capital in inventory, we are focusing on the best way to utilize our client’s capital and provide them with a great return. We will use these experiences to build great tools for sellers (like HelpAProduct) and eventually create our own brand and product lines to sell online. Nothing is off the table!

Are We Taking New Clients? 

We are currently not taking new clients on. We want to focus on growing our current client’s businesses as well as our own.

What is the Purpose of This Blog?

The purpose of the blog is to document information we found to be useful as well as provide information about the HelpAProduct system. By working on our clients Amazon FBA  business day in and day out, we are constantly learning new strategies and tips that others would find useful.

What’s Up With The Written Interviews?

There’s a TON of information out there about Amazon FBA. Some great and some not so great. Either way, we find that getting different perspectives of those with years of experience selling or providing services to online retailers can help you gain insight on how the industry works, industry trends and provide you with valuable information and tools that can assist you on this journey.

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